Joining as a SeneGence Distributor

Cost is $55

Max Out Your Profits.jpg

Spend up to $239 = 20% discount
$240-$599 = 30% discount
$600-$1,699 = 40% discount (50% off for the first 3 months of membership)
$1800 & Over = 50% discount

I would love for you to enjoy these savings or join my team as a distributor. I would also like to be honest with you. Joining is amazing but it is not for everyone.

To maintain your Distributorship, you need to spend $240 on product every six months. There is no pressure. No minimum monthly orders. Just let your Distributorship expire.

The products are fantastic. I know you will be happy with your purchases either as my customer or as a distributor.


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The lowdown:

Purchase Example 1

The 20% discount range will just cover the extra shipping and handling costs.

Purchase Example 2

Spend $245 and save $62.59 on your first purchase to cover your $55 registration fee plus some savings. Your next purchase will save even more.

I signed up for the discount and then decided I was ready to start my own business a little later. You will always be welcome to join my team!

Purchase Example 3 

you are keen to start your own fabulous business on my team with great discounts, support and benefits.

Or You really love our SeneGence products as much as I do and will save big!

If you have any question, please contact Shuna: